CTE Sessions at EANM’12

EANM’12 – Mini Course III

October 28, 2012, 17:00 – 18:00
SPECT/CT: Pitfalls and Artefacts

Moderator: M. Federspiel (Copenhagen)

C. Murtagh (London):
Technical Aspects of SPECT/CT – Identifying and Avoiding Pitfalls and Artefacts
N. Sheehy (Dublin):
SPECT/CT: Pitfalls and Artefacts

Educational objectives:

  1. To identify pitfalls/errors in technical set up and patient preparation of SPECT/CT examinations that may lead to the production of image artefacts.
  2. To identify the strength and weaknesses of current methods for SPECT/CT attenuation correction and the effects on production/elimination of artefacts.
  3. State appropriate SPECT/CT imaging techniques with regard to attenuation correction and/or CT localisation.
  4. To identify protocols and guidelines for SPECT/CT imaging that may assist in preventing such artefacts.
  5. To identify the radiological appearance of common and rare artefacts that can be produced during SPECT/CT procedures.


The advent of SPECT/CT as an imaging modality has opened the use of SPECT as a technique which provides not only a three-dimensional assessment of possible lesions but also possible image fusion for localisation purposes. However as in all imaging techniques there arises the potential for the introduction of artefacts due to inadequate patient preparation, errors in imaging techniques, inaccurate attenuation correction and potential misinterpretation of resulting artefacts.

This mini-course is directed towards radiologists and nuclear medicine technologists and radiographers. It will cover relevant practical aspects of the clinical use of SPECT/CT and the appropriate use of technical guidelines; minimisation of potential problems which may lead to inadequate/misleading/non-diagnostic/ SPECT/CT studies; demonstration the effects of such problems in the resultant study images.

Key Words:

SPECT/CT, Pitfalls, Artefacts, Technical Aspects, Image Interpretation, Patient Preparation, Guidelines

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