CTE Sessions at EANM’13

EANM’13 – CTE Session II

October 20, 2013, 11:30 – 13:00
Multiprofessional Round Table on Entry Level and Advanced Practice (Interactive)

Chairpersons: P. Hogg (Manchester), K. Waterstram-Rich (Rochester)

K. Waterstram-Rich (Rochester):
Multiprofessional Round Table on Entry Level and Advanced Practice

Educational objectives:

  1. Understand the opinions of other technologists/radiographers in relation to entry level and advanced practice
  2. Understand the competence work done collaboratively with EFRS and SNMMI TS
  3. Understand how other professional groups within nuclear medicine are evolving their roles and what they are encountering


This session has become a regular event in which delegates can express their opinions and listen to the opinions of others about practice standards and scope within their own country and across Europe and America generally.

In this Round Table we shall present a brief overview of the work conducted in collaboration with European Federation of Radiography Societies and SNMMI TS on entry level competencies for nuclear medicine. This work is of a general nature so that individual countries will have adequate flexibility for translation into practice, if required; additionally the general nature also permits the possibility of a closer integration of standards and scope for similar practice areas
(e.g. radiotherapy/radiography). We shall also give a brief overview on further work done into advanced practice. In both overviews consideration will be given to issues surrounding hybrid imaging.

On this occasion we will invite other professional groups working within nuclear medicine to outline, briefly, how their practice standards are evolving and where challenges lie for them.

Key Words:

Technologist, Radiographer, Health Care Professions, Advanced Practice, Competence, Roles and Responsibilities

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