CTE Sessions at EANM’13

EANM’13 – CTE Session III

October 21, 2013, 14:30 – 16:00
Challenge and Perspective in Health Care: Nuclear Medicine Role

Chairpersons: G. Testanera (Rozzano), M. Larg (Cluj-Napoca)

J. Ballinger (London):
Impact of GMP Introduction in Nuclear Medicine Daily Practice
S. Holbrook (Gray, Tennessee):
Global Availability of Molybdenum 99, Is There a Crisis?
J. Koziorowski (Herlev):
Drug Registration: Opportunities and Difficulties


Educational objectives:

  1. Acquire a general knowledge of GMP definition, scope and aims in Nuclear Medicine
  2. Be familiar with practical change that are needed in a Nuclear Medicine department to fulfil GMP requirements
  3. Be aware of new competencies and skills needed to follow GMP standard in RF production
  4. Outline which improvement GMP procedure can bring to Nuclear Medicine daily practice
  5. Outline in general causes of Tc99m shortage
  6. Describe in general how financial crisis impacted Health care
  7. Recognise how Nuclear Medicine Clinical Practice changed due to the causes described
  8. Identify future challenges and opportunities
  9. Acquire a general knowledge of drug registration process
  10. Identify institutions, scientific association, producers and politics role in drug registration
  11. Recognise difficulties and opportunities for Nuclear Medicine clinical practice
  12. Outline which role Nuclear Medicine technologist may have and how daily practice may be impacted


Health Care (HC) in general and Nuclear Medicine (NM) particularly are facing a period of challenges and opportunities that are and will be the tapestry of technologist’s profession.
This multiprofessional session will talk about some of the main challenges that NM is facing in present time and how global changes affect daily practice. The session will discuss economical, legal, technical and strategical issues connected mainly with Radiopharmaceutical (RF) production and development and how they can change practically clinical procedure and choice. It will also focus on the impact of global crisis on technologist role in NM department. The aim is to understand if HC and NM challenges are just “problems” or if they can be opportunities for procedure development to higher quality standards in clinical practice.

Key Words:

Radiopharmaceuticals, Drug Registration, GMP, Tc99m Shortage, Crisis, Health Care, Clinical Practice

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