CTE Sessions at EANM’13

EANM’13 – CTE Session V

EANM–TC/ESTRO–Radiation Therapist Committee JOINT SESSION
October 22, 2013, 14:30 – 16:00
Evolution of RT Planning

Chairpersons: M. Federspiel (Copenhagen), K. Pedersen (Copenhagenhagen)

F. Moura (Lisbon):
The Role of PET/CT for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning in Head & Neck Carcinoma
E. Troost (Maastricht):
From 2D to 4D Radiotherapy – When Bony Landmarks are Replaced by Biological Tumour Information for Adaptive Treatment
A. Kiil Berthelsen (Copenhagen):
Inter-Observer Variation in Delineation of Tumours

Educational objectives:

  1. Understand the clinical importance of PET/CT on H&N target volumes definition
  2. Overview of the state of art on biological dose optimization
  3. Understanding of advanced RT techniques (IMRT, VMAT)
  4. Describe the use of FDG-PET, FLT-PET and hypoxia-PET (FMISO/HX4) for (adaptive) RT planning
  5. Verification methods for dose-guided RT
  6. State the indications for more accurate tumour delineation
  7. Several studies will be presented, using different modalities and inter-observer variability


This session is designed for radiation therapists, radiographers and nuclear medicine technologists to understand the importance of a correct target definition by using correct immobilisations devices and different PET tracers. More accurate tumour delineation is required by modern radiotherapy and thereby it is possible to avoid irradiation of critical organs. PET/CT is the most precise modality to define tumour areas. The third lecture will present several studies using different modalities and the inter-observer variability.

Key Words:

Head & Neck Cancer, IMRT, VMAT, FDG, FLT, FMISO/HX4, Dose-Guided RT, Tumour Delineation, Inter-Observer Variability

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