CTE Sessions at EANM’14

EANM’14 – CTE Session II

October 19, 2014, 11:30 – 13:00
Multi-Professional Discussion on Extended Competencies for Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Chairpersons G. Testanera (Rozzano), C. Chiesa (Milan), J. Koziorowski (Linkoping), J. Ballinger (London)

J. Ballinger (London):
State of the Art and Technologist Role in Radiopharmaceutical Preparation
J. Koziorowski (Linköping):
State of the Art and Technologist Role in Radiopharmaceutical Quality Controls
C. Chiesa (Milan):
State of the Art and Technologist Role in Clinical Dosimetry
Giorgio Testanera:


This session has become a regular event in which some hot topics related to Technologists competencies are analysed and discussed. The introduction will report previous works on Competencies made by the Technologist Committee and will create a theoretical background on the following discussion.

In cooperation with Dosimetry and Radiopharmacy Committee, we shall present a brief overview of Technologist role in these fields. The following discussion will hopefully outline expectations and concerns of Technologists working or willing to work in Radiopharmacy and clinical dosimetry competencies for nuclear medicine.

The session is scheduled as interactive, meaning that questions will be addressed to attendees to focus on specific points. This session will not pretend to give answers or statement, but to create a starting point for possible research on Technologists competencies. The speakers, coming from different professional groups, will participate in the discussion and questions could be addressed to them by the audience.

Key Words:

Competencies, Technologists, Daily Practice, Clinical Dosimetry, Radiopharmacy, Preparations, Quality Controls

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