CTE Sessions at EANM’14

EANM’14 – Mini Course 3

October 19, 2014, 17:00 – 18:00
Radiation Protection for Staff in the Preparation of Radionuclide Therapy Pharmaceuticals

Chairpersons: M. Hinterreiter (Linz), K. Bacher (Ghent)

S. Leide Svegborn (Malmö):
The Different Types of Nuclear Radiation in Radionuclide Therapy
M. I. Larg (Cluj-Napoca):
Radiation Protection in the Daily Practice of Radionuclide Therapy

Educational Objectives:

  1. Overview the different types of nuclear radiations which are used for radionuclide therapy including and observe their different biological effectiveness
  2. Understand the particularities concerning the application of radionuclides for radionuclide therapy
  3. Highlight useful tools for radiation protection of the staff regarding the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for radionuclide therapy
  4. Describe the role of technologists and their tasks concerning radionuclide therapy
  5. Define the dose which is absorbed by staff in relation to the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for radionuclide therapy and in relation to the management of those patients who are treated with this kind of radiopharmaceuticals


The clinical Nuclear Medicine is divided into two fields, the diagnostic and the therapeutic one. The main function of the diagnostic field is the detection and the account of pathologies. In contrast the therapeutic field pursues the goal to cure or to palliate diseases. In the daily workflow one of the biggest differences between these fields is the application of different types of nuclear radiation, gamma rays respectively positron emitters for imaging plus alpha and/or beta minus emitters for therapy. The consequence is a different radiation dose for the patients and for the staff as well caused by a different biological effectiveness for each radiation type. This Mini Course will highlight all these differences in relation to the application of radiopharmaceuticals for radionuclide therapy. The particularities of the therapeutic radionuclides and tools for reducing the staff´s radiation dose are additional a part of this Mini Course. Furthermore, the effect of daily practice upon the absorbed dose, which is received by therapeutic staff, will be illustrated and in the same way tools and arrangements for reducing this dose will be proposed.

Key Words:

Types of Nuclear Radiation, Biological Effectiveness, Radiation Dose, Technologist´s Role, Reduce Radiation Dose

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