CTE Sessions at EANM’15

EANM’15 – CTE Session I

October 11, 2015, 08:15 – 09:45
Brain Imaging (Tech Guide Book Launch)

Chairperson: A. Santos (Lisbon)

G. Testanera (Milan):
G. Testanera (Milan):
Imaging in Oncological Brain Diseases (PET/CT)
A. Socan (Ljubljana):
Tracers for Brain Imaging
R.M. Chakravartty (Woking):
Principles of Functional Brain Imaging with Radiotracers

Educational objectives:

  1. Identify clinical scenarios in oncology in which PET and CT may alter patient management and in which a combined PET/CT study would offer equal or greater value than PET and CT Studies performed individualy.
  2. Discuss potential benefits of PET/CT imaging of brain cancer and novel PET/CT imaging techniques.
  3. Challenges and opportunities in PET/CT imaging oncological brain diseases.
  4. Understand the importance of NM Brain’s Inflammation and Infection Imaging and describe how nuclear medicine can be used to identify brain inflammation and infection.
  5. Identify important Technologies and Techniques in the contect of Infection Imaging
  6. Apply the suggested protocols for imaging of the patient according to the clinical indication
  7. Challenges and opportunities in Nuclear Medicine Brain Inflammation and Infection imaging.
  8. Describe the benefits and application of tracers for brain imaging.
  9. Select an adequate tracer for patient examination.
  10. Summarize the tracers for brain imaging.
  11. Describe normal biodistribution of tracers for brain imaging.
  12. Describe the use and characteristic of various tracers for brain imaging.


Summary: These lectures are relating to the publication of the book and represent only a part of what is in the book. Selected lectures passed over Imaging in oncological brain diseases so the most common Tracers for Brain Imaging and and always interesting Brain Infection Imaging.

Key Words:

PET/CT, Imaging, Inflammation, Infection, Tracers, Biodistribution

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