CTE Sessions at EANM’15

EANM’15 – CTE Session II

October 11, 2015, 11:30 – 13:00
Multi-Professional Discussion on Extended Competencies for Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Chairperson: G. Testanera (Milan), P. Fragoso Costa (Oldenburg)

J. Jorge (Lausanne):
How It All Began: 1998 Competencies Document
G. Testanera (Milan):
How It All Developed: Advance Practice and Interaction with External Societies
P. Fragoso Costa (Oldenburg):
Adapting to Future: EANM-TC Document on Competencies

Educational objectives:

  1. Get an insight on EANM Technologist Committee past achievements and how the discussion about competencies started
  2. Discuss principles behind the 1999’s document about NMT’s Education and Competencies and how it was received by external and national societies in Europe
  3. Identify the role of NMT, how it changed in year and how is defined by international bodies and national societies
  4. Challenges, successes and resistance to introduction of Advance Practice for NMT
  5. Exposition of the new EANM-TC document on Technologist Competencies
  6. Debate on the contents proposed


The interactive session about NMT competencies is an annual appointment proposed by EANM-TC to present the work made by the committee and discuss it with the Technologist community in the form of an interactive session. Every year EANM-TC try to discuss a different aspect of this delicate matter and receive feedback from the audience. In 2014 EANM asked the Technologist Commitee to update the document on competencies published in 1999 and results will be presented. The session will start with an overview of the old document and the principle followed in its creation and how it was received internationally. Next we will update on discussions happened in later years driving to the presentation of the new document. A long time will be left for interactive questions and discussion on them with the audience.

Key Words:

Competencies, Advance Practice, Technologist, Interaction

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