CTE Sessions at EANM’15

EANM’15 – CTE Session III

October 12, 2015, 14:30 – 16:00
Comprehensive PET/MRI Practice

Chairperson: M. Federspiel (Copenhagen), A. Ohmstede (Oldenburg)

J. Graessner (Hamburg):
MR Basics and Clinical Applications
V. Diehl (Bremen):
Practical PET/MR, Challenges and Clinical Routine
A. Beer (Ulm):
Clinical PET/MR – Where Are We after Five Years?

Educational objectives:

  1. Get an insight into the basic physics underlying magnetic resonance techniques and gain an understand of the imaging process
  2. Become acquainted with clinical MR images, understand the difference between images acquired with various MR sequences
  3. Understand the workflow around MR seen from the point of view of a radiology department
  4. Expose the challenges of daily practice and identify the additional duties required for a Nuclear Medicine Technologist to perform a PET/MR examination
  5. Describe and understand the main diagnostic advantages and limitations of the combined PET/MR
  6. Identify the current PET/MR clinical applications and the potential future perspectives after clinical implementation


PET/MR is an emerging technique which combines the functional imaging of PET with the anatomical imaging of MR. Being able to combine a great clinical potential without the burden of high radiation exposure, saving time in patient management and providing optimal spatial correlation of anatomic and functional information Five years after the first clinical PET/MR installation there is still a major demand on experienced technologists, physicians and physicists who can handle this new technology in the clinical routine. This continuing education session is directed not only towards nuclear medicine technologists, who aim to refresh their knowledge on MR imaging or get acquainted with PET/MR fusion, but to the whole Nuclear Medicine community. It will cover aspects of magnetic resonance techniques relevant for nuclear medicine, with special emphasis on combined PET/MR systems. The introduction to MR will focus on the basic aspects and convey an understanding of the magnetic resonance technology. The current use of PET/MR in clinical routine and research is presented, together with challenges and first-hand user experience. The last part will focus on the last five years of clinical implementation, which will mention the main achievements of PET/MR and point future perspectives. By attending the session, participants will get insight into the complex topic of PET/MR and will understand its potential and challenges.

Key Words:

Magnetic Resonance, quantum mechanics, PET-MRI, daily practice, Hybrid Imaging, Multi-modality imaging, Image fusion

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