CTE Sessions at EANM’15

EANM’15 – CTE Session IV

October 12, 2015, 16:30 – 18:00
Joint Session with the Inflammation & Infection Committee
Infection Imaging in Nuclear Medicine

Chairperson: M. Hinterreiter (Vienna), A. Signore (Roma)

O. Gheysens (Leuven):
Overview on Infection Imaging by SPECT and PET
E. Lazzeri (Pisa):
Overview on Inflammation/Infection and Standardised Cell Labelling Procedure
A. Signore (Rome):
Image Acquisition and Interpretation Parameters for Planar, SPECT and PET

Educational objectives:

  1. Illustrate the inflammation/infection processes which are in the interest of Nuclear Medicine imaging
  2. Describe a standardised procedure for cell labeling
  3. Become familiar with the important acquisition and/or interpretation parameters in planar, SPECT or PET imaging of infection and/or inflammation
  4. Give an overview about the possibilities of SPECT and PET concerning infection/inflammation imaging


In the daily clinical the number of patients who suffer on an infection is not a small one. Questions like spondylodiscitis, osteomyelitis, FUO, vascular grafts, diabetic foot or prosthetic infection are quite common. In each of such cases it is absolutely necessary to use a diagnostic tool which can detect or exclude these diseases with a high sensitivity and specificity, respectively. Since many years the Nuclear Medicine is leading the field of imaging infection and/or inflammation. One the one hand there is broad spectrum of different radiopharmaceuticals available and a variety of methods used for image acquisition and interpretation. The EANM is deeply involved in the process of standardisation of imaging methods in order to provide, quality, reproducibility and homogeneity of these important techniques worldwide.
This CME will focus on the standardised procedures for WBC labelling, image acquisition, display and interpretation, both for planar and tomographic images.
Indeed, nowadays hybrid modalities like SPECT/CT and PET/CT offer new possibilities and significantly improve the diagnostic accuracy of Nuclear Medicine modalities for infection imaging.

Key Words:

Infection imaging, Radiolabelled white blood cells, SPECT, PET, FDG

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