CTE Sessions at EANM’15

EANM’15 – Mini Course III

October 11, 2015, 17:00 – 18:00
SPECT-CT Artefacts

Chairperson: S. Rep (Ljubljana), N. Gulliver (London)

A. Geão (Lisbon):
SPECT/CT Artefacts

Educational objectives:

  1. Identify and categorize several kinds of SPECT/CT artefacts;
  2. Distinguish between artefacts related to the equipment and patient related artefacts;
  3. Visualize real-case images;
  4. Identify strategies to prevent, correct or minimize artefact effects;
  5. Understand the role of the Nuclear Medicine Technologist on the identification of the artefact and the correction or minimization of its effect.


The association of SPECT and CT images can have a synergic effect in Nuclear Medicine imaging. Although, the use of SPECT and CT combined images must be careful, due to the several artefacts that may occur and that can diminish the accuracy of this combined technique. The identification of the artefact and its source (if related to the equipment or to patient characteristics) is very useful in order to prevent or correct the artefact or even minimize its effect on image quality.
Nuclear Medicine Technologists have an important role on the implementation of strategies that help avoid the artefact to occur or minimize its effect when they are not avoidable. This knowledge and training is very important to excel image quality.

Key Words:

SPECT/CT, artefacts, pitfalls, recommendations, hybrid imaging

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