CTE Sessions at EANM’16

EANM’16 – CTE Session I

October 16, 2016, 08:15 – 09:45
Radiation Protection and Dose Optimisation (Tech Guide Book Launch)

Chairpersons: A. Santos (Lisbon), G. Testanera (Milan)

A. Krizsan (Debrecen):
Interaction of Radiation with Matter
A. Wojcik (Stockholm):
Radiobiology Principles
E. Bailey (Sydney):
Nuclear Medicine and PET Department Design Considerations

Educational objectives:

  1. Launch 2016’s Technologist’s book: Radiation protection and dose optimization
  2. Recall on Physic and Dosimetric principles
  3. Comprehend basic concepts about radiation interactions with matter
  4. Understand basic concepts for Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine field, regarding interaction of radiation with matter
  5. Understand Radiobiology principles and explain the response of tissues when exposed to radiation
  6. Understand basic concepts for Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine field, regarding Radiobiology principles
  7. Identify Nuclear Medicine specificities in the design of a department
  8. Summarize the steps for department design with great radiation protection impact
  9. Challenges and Opportunities in Radiation Protection for NM involved professionals
  10. Challenges and Opportunities in dose optimization procedures


For the past years, EANM’s Technologist’s Committee has published a Technologist’s Book. Every year, a new topic is chosen with relevance in clinical and daily practice for all Nuclear Medicine professionals. The Technologist’s Guide that is being published in 2016 is entitled “Radiation protection and dose optimization” due to the importance of this topic to all involved professionals and patients. This CTE relates to the Technologist’s book and the lectures of this session are part of the chapters that are included. This session aims to launch and advertise the Technologist’s book, by providing an overview on some of the considered topics. Throughout this session, the audience will be provided with theoretical concepts on the physics involved in interaction of radiation with matter. These concepts will be the baseline to continue the session with the Radiobiology Principles being recalled. Both first and second lectures will summarize the theoretical foundation that will allow the audience to understand several concepts on radiation protection, with specific application to Nuclear Medicine needs. The last lecture is related to a more practical view in which the previous concepts must be applied: how to design and develop a Nuclear Medicine department. Many practical questions will be explored in order to provide the audience with practical knowledge on this topic.

Key Words:

Radiation protection, dose optimization, Interaction of radiation with matter, Radiobiology, NM department

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