CTE Sessions at EANM’16

EANM’16 – CTE Session II

October 16, 2016, 11:30 – 13:00
Technologist Competencies Round Table

Chairpersons: P. Fragoso Costa (Oldenburg), N. Varela


W. van den Broek (Nijmegen):
Nuclear Medicine Technologists within EFRS

G. Testanera (Milan):
Controversies in Competencies, Accreditation and Education

P. Fragoso Costa (Oldenburg):
Nuclear Medicine Technologists: European Qualification Framework Level 6 and Level 7


Educational objectives:

  1. Identify the roles and responsibilities of the European associations and federations in regard to Nuclear Medicine Technologists (NMT)

  2. Enumerate the current controversies which are presented to NMT in respect to their competencies and scope of practice

  3. Debate on the contents presented and learn the situation of fellow NMT colleagues throughout Europe in respect to their autonomy and responsibilities in the Nuclear Medicine multidisciplinary environment


The Competencies Round Table has been a repeating event since 2012. It is obvious that the EANM-TC has given a priority role to this question and understands its impact on the lives of all NMT.

This year, our main goal is to continue the presentation of the EANM-TC recently produced document on competencies and follow its reception from the main European partners. EANM-TC has constantly aimed for a European homogeneity and at the same time keeping the standards of practice at the top. Taking these two factors in consideration, the EANM-TC agreed to cooperate with EFRS to include our view of the NMT competencies in their own competencies framework. The first talk of this session will be precisely to introduce the EFRS scope of action and clarify the intentions and cooperation with EANM. The second talk will focus on the non-linearity, which this subject faces throughout Europe and also with other professions. Finally, we will present the EANM-TC view on advanced practice and entry level making reference to the EANM-TC document on Competencies.   

Key Words:

Competencies, Advance Practice, Technologist, Interaction, International Cooperation

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