Marie Curie Lectures

’20: S. Cherry (United States of America)

Physics and Development of Total Body PET

’19: M. Forsting (Germany)

Artificial Intelligence in Brain Imaging  |   Watch Session

’18: V. Villemagne (Australia)

Tau PET Imaging: A History of Challenges and Success  |   Watch Session

’17: U. Haberkorn (Germany)

PSMA Labelled with Alfa-Emitters   |   Watch Session

’16: S. Barrington (United Kingdom)

PET/CT in Malignant Lymphoma    |   Watch Session

’15: S. Fanti (Italy)

Prostate Cancer    |   Watch Session

’14: M.J. Schlumberger (France)

Treatment of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer – State of the Art and New Developments    |   Watch Session

’13: J.J. Bax (Netherlands)

Imaging of Coronary Artery Disease: Stenosis versus Perfusion

’12: V. Grégoire (Belgium)

Molecular Imaging Based Radiotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer

’11: A. J. McEwan (Canada)

The Future of Molecular Imaging in Enhancing Cancer Care

’10: I. Modlin (USA)

From Polonium to Lutetium: The Neuroendocrine Legacy of Curie

’09: V. Fuster (USA)

Diagnosing early atherothrombotic disease in the XXI century

’08: H. Maecke (Switzerland)

Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals

’07: I. Carrio (Spain)

Nuclear Medicine Research in old and new Europe

’06: R. Dierckx (The Netherlands)

Ta panta rei

’05: J. Knuuti (Finland)

Imaging of oxidative Metabolism: Insight into Cardiac Performance

’04: M. Schwaiger (Germany)

Prospects of PET and PET/CT in Cardiology

’03: E.P. Krenning (The Netherlands)

Radiolabelled peptides in oncology: present status and future directions.

’02: A. Cuocolo (Italy)

The Role of Nuclear Medicine in Clinical Decision making in Cardiology.

’01: P. Lind (Austria)

Treatment with radiopharmaceuticals: benign diseases

’00: P. Bourguet (France)

IRT: palliative or curative?

’99: G. Paganelli (Italy)

Sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer: from pilot study to randomized trial

’98: R.L. Wahl (Germany)

New therapies in Nuclear Medicine

’97: J.L. Moretti (France)

Updated applications and new trends in cerebral perfusion tracers

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