EARL – Research4Life

EARL – Research4Life

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM), with its central role in the scientific community and its professional setup, today constitutes the umbrella organisation for nuclear medicine in Europe. In 2006, the leadership of the EANM launched EANM Research GmbH (EARL) as an initiative to promote multicentre nuclear medicine and research.

EARL was created to unleash the power of molecular imaging and further:

  • To improve nuclear medicine and its practice
  • To provide a basis for discussion and the exchange of cutting-edge ideas
  • To act as a contact point for researchers as well as for clinicians and business leaders
  • To provide a platform for the efficient pursuit of scientific initiatives
  • To facilitate multicentre research projects
  • To enhance the comparability of data acquired by molecular imaging
  • To boost molecular imaging so that it becomes a standard diagnostic modality in future clinical medicine and research
  • To position nuclear medicine within the EU research agenda

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