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The ESMIT initiative represents EANM’s response to huge changes in the educational needs of the nuclear medicine community and the rising demand for greater multimodality content. The EANM decided to review and modernise its educational system in 2016 since the community needs not only to be educated on all modalities that are used in imaging but also to be well prepared in the therapeutic applications of our discipline. The ESMIT is structured in 3 levels as described in the following categories.

Level 1

Level 1 is the entry-level of the ESMIT learning experience and therefore covers the very basic topics. It is 100% electronic learning-based, and all contents can be viewed for free after logging in with your personal username and password. New users can easily create a confidential account. The offered eLearning contents build the basis of knowledge and shall prepare all users appropriately for the upcoming levels.

Browse through the Level 1 categories of this website to get further information on the available webinars or visit the eLearning platform:

Level 2

Level 2 can be understood as the intermediate level. It goes to the heart of evidence-based teaching, focussed on everyday practice and provided in a mixture of theoretical and practical lectures. A key feature of the level 2 programme is the introduction of Spring and Autumn Schools covering 4 parallel tracks each and bringing together trainees and teachers from all over Europe for 3 days of uninterrupted learning in an academic environment and at a low fee.

This educational section is led by Prof. Paola Erba from Pisa/IT.

Click the following buttons for more details on the ESMIT Schools 2019:

ESMIT Winter School 2019 ESMIT Spring School 2019 ESMIT Autumn School 2019

Level 3

This is the endpoint of the educational path with ESMIT. Level 3 is a more advanced level, in which knowledge is deepened and expanded for individuals developing subspecialty areas of interest. These High-End Courses are held in the EANM Learning Center in Vienna.

The section is chaired by Prof. Philip Elsinga from Groningen/NL.

Stay tuned and check the Level 3 section on a regular basis:

ESMIT Level 3 High End Courses


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