ESMIT Advanced Courses in Vienna

Quantification in Neurology 2021


November 18-19, 2021
ESMIT Learning Centre
Vienna, Austria

An application has been made to the UEMS EACCME for CME accreditation of this event.



Understanding radiotracer uptake, kinetics and biodistribution is essential for correct interpretation of PET studies. This information can be obtained using full quantitative analysis based on dynamic PET scans and PET pharmacokinetic analysis. The measured time course of a tracer provides an accurate description of its uptake, retention and washout, and subsequent kinetic modelling makes it possible to quantify important molecular properties, such as receptor binding, independent of variations in perfusion, tracer metabolism and input function. Kinetic analysis also makes it possible to determine which factors affect radiotracer uptake in both healthy tissues, organs and tumours before, during and after therapy. Understanding these interdependencies in turn makes it possible to derive simplified methods, such as SUV and SUVR, or non-invasive linear methods (needed for generating parametric images), that can be used in a clinical setting. Finally, knowledge of the full kinetic properties of a tracer also provides a guidance under which conditions simplified method remain valid or when more advanced analysis would be required.


This course aims to familiarize attendees with:

  • Data acquisition and collection required for quantitative neuroimaging studies
  • Principles of tracer kinetics, including plasma input and reference tissue models
  • Principles, advantages and limitations of linearized and/or simplified approaches


This course in intended for scientists (physicists, biologists, chemists and physicians) interested in quantitative analysis and kinetic modelling of PET neuroimaging studies.


Hands-on exercises will be part of this course. The software program will be provide during the course, but runs under the Window OS only. In addition, some local installations will be available at the teaching facility.

Recommended literature:


Teachers (Nuclear Medicine Physicians)

Ronald Boellaard
Adriaan Lammertsma
Sandeep Golla


the Curriculum will be available soon

icon_question_pur HOW TO REGISTER

The course allows a maximum of 20 participants. Registrations will be accepted on a first come
first serve basis.

Online registration

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icon_ticket_pur REGISTRATION FEE

Course Fee               € 950.-

Registration Fee includes:

  • Electronic Course Book including all Slides
  • Coffee & Lunch Breaks on each Course Day

Registration Fee does NOT include:

  • Travel to the Venue
  • Accommodation

icon_payment_pur MODE OF PAYMENT

Registration fees need to be paid 4 weeks prior to the event. In case the payment is not received by this deadline, the registration needs to be cancelled. Payment can be settled by

  • Credit Card
  • Cheques will not be accepted

icon_cancellation_pur CANCELLATION POLICY

Cancellations must be notified in writing to the EANM Office. Telephone cancellations cannot be accepted. Substitutions will be accepted if the name and e-mail address of the substitute are sent to the EANM Office 4 weeks prior to the event. In the case of cancellation 4 weeks before the course, we will refund you the fee less a € 100,- administration charge.
After this date, we cannot grant any refund for cancellations. Any refund will take place after the respective course. EANM will not be held liable for cancellation fees of hotels, airlines, or other means of transportation.


COVID-19 -Related Cancellations

All cancellations due to the current COVID-19 pandemic will get full refund (no cancellation fee applies). The admin fee waiver will be applicable up to one month after the publication of the new course dates on this website. For cancellation requests or more detailed information, please contact us at


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