ESMIT Impressions 2017-2022

Within this section, you can find attendees’ feedback on ESMIT educational offers as well as photos and videos of these events.



ESMIT Advanced Courses 2022

“That course was superb, organization staff and lecturers are strongly professional, always willing to give a hand and very kind.”

“Good quality talks about the topic by experts in the field and good interactive sessions with group discussions.”


ESMIT Online Courses 2022

“Interesting global overview of recent literature and guidelines.”

“Comprehensive overview of the state of art in thyroid cancer management at present moment.”

“The course contained a great deal of useful and up-to-date information.”

“Keep continuing”

“Firstly step by step information was given in a very simple way and secondly the methodology was explained with details.”

“I also found it particular insightful that the steps were explained by using a real-life example, this helps to grasp some concepts.”


ESMIT Live Webinar Series 2022

“Keep up the good work. ESMIT leads the way in the progress of NM.”

“Lisa {Bodei} and Sona {Balogova} are the best teachers, I would like to be in their other lectures”. 

“Evidence-based information, clear and well presented. Excellent speakers.”

“Well organized and informative talks from people with different backgrounds”

“Lots of practical advice and also very good perspective on the subject.”

“Easy to attend! It was not too expensive. Very nice that the video and the course material was made available to watch/see/download also after the live session.”


ESMIT Live Webinar Series 2021

“It is a short, comprehensive way to gain knowledge and meet specialists in their fields.“

“I will recommend this course to my colleagues because you are presenting good topics that are very useful in everyday work.“

“I’m very excited to assist all the presentations that ESMIT proposed because they are very interesting, actual and interactive.“


ESMIT Online Courses 2021

“I liked that it can be watched on-demand because there was much information that I want to hear again. I liked that there were many cases”.

“Organised, comprehensive and interactive”.

“Truly an excellent topic, instructors, presentations and handouts! Thank you very much”!

“They made the best out of an online course that would have obviously suited more for an interactive in-person discussion”.

“The topics covered were all highly relevant, good structure of the course with alternation of lectures, practical exercises and breaks, instructors were well prepared and knowledgeable about the topics”.

“Keep up with the great work”!

“Good health to all of you and back to “on-site” courses :-)”.


ESMIT Live Webinar Series 2020

“Hello, EANM 🙂 Always happy to see you! Thank you for the fantastic ESMIT webinars – I’ve enjoyed attending, going through the handouts and re-watching again to consolidate. I love this format which allows me to learn without travelling or taking time off work. Hope it can be retained once COVID is over… “.


ESMIT Level 2 Autumn School 2019
September 20–22, 2019
School of Public Health „Andrija Štampar“
Zagreb, Croatia

“The course included a complete overview of the different techniques for perfusion imaging, explanation by teachers was done well, with plenty of room for questions throughout”.

“Covered topics are relevant to most everyday situations, and our mentors were interested in discussing and helping”.

“Up-to-date content, excellent speakers. Hands-on workshops”.

“Good overview of different techniques and ample opportunity for questions during the lectures”.


ESMIT Level 2 Spring School 2019
May 17–19, 2019
Université de Nantes, UFR Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences

Nantes, France

“The course moved quickly. Each period was well organized. Teaching methods varied several times each class period which kept the class both interesting and challenging”.

“Hands-on sessions, professional, exhaustive approach to the topic”.

“A lot of information useful in everyday practice”.

“Comprehensive and up-to-date reviews”.


ESMIT Level 2 Winter School 2019
February 15–17, 2019
Lisbon School of Health Technology (ESTeSL)
Lisbon, Portugal

“This track respects fully the “multimodality imaging techniques” approach defended by the ESMIT school in the evaluation and management of thyroid nodules“

“The quality of the presentations, good hands-on session, great teachers, clinical cases”.

“Great content and well delivered. Very fitting to my practice”.

“Very informative scientific content and very good clinical discussion between different countries”.


ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Radiopharmacy GMP

November 14–15, 2018
ESMIT Learning Center
Vienna, Austria

“The Course was well balanced, theoretical but with practical considerations and exercises”.

“Nice to evaluate the situations in a new way”.

“The Course was a perfect introduction for everyone trying to implement GMPs in their daily work”.

“This Course was valuable, and I am glad I had the opportunity to interact with such a diverse group”!

“High level of facilitators and practical examples/exercises were provided”.

ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Management of Thyroid Cancer

September 13–14, 2018
ESMIT Learning Center
Vienna, Austria

“Every participant had the opportunity to share their experience”.

“Interactive sessions, possibilities for questions, some plenary sessions”.

“All lectures & coworkers were friendly and supportive. The atmosphere was great”.

“High quality and a good level of interaction. Very applicable to my own practice”.

ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Practical Implementation of Clinical Dosimetry in NM Therapy 2018

June 18–19, 2018
ESMIT Learning Center
Vienna, Austria

It was a very effective course, and we had the opportunity to experience hands-on training and to talk to professional instructors”.

“I was very impressed by all of the instructors, who were highly accomplished, and they explained all the topics in a way that was easy to understand for everybody”.

“I found it very useful that we had the possibility to discuss the results of our practical exercises with the other participants of the group”.

“The best thing about the course was the fact that we had the chance to practice with real cases”.

ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Brain Tumors 2018

March 22–23, 2018
ESMIT Learning Center
Vienna, Austria

“I liked the hands-on training, the group size was perfect, the learning experience was nice, and the talks were well-structured”.

“Great quality of teachers, interactive approach and hands-on cases”.

“The course improved my knowledge of brain imaging and new advancements. I really enjoyed ESMIT Level 3”!

“Good mix of practical exercises and theory – very useful to evaluate clinical cases on our own”.

ESMIT Level 2 Winter School 2018

February 23–25, 2018
ESMIT Learning Center
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“Very good instructors, well-explained lectures, excellent facilities and location”.

“My highlights of the School were the variety of topics, the case demonstrations, as well as the bring your own cases session”.

“I liked the way teachers explained contents and the nice atmosphere that gave us the possibility to discuss questions openly”.

“Very interactive, high educational value and excellent organisation”.

“The tracks I attended were excellent on all levels with highly skilled presenters and vital information”.

“I loved to get the chance to visit a beautiful country and to hear about how other departments are arranged in terms of their nuclear medicine service. I really enjoyed all the talks given”.

“The best about this School? The very practical and simple way in which the most common pathologies were presented. The clinical cases were also very useful”.

“Thanks for this beautiful and useful experience”.

ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Radiopharmacy GMP 2017

November 9–10, 2017
ESMIT Learning Center
Vienna, Austria

“High level for content and teachers. It has been a great occasion to get to know new colleagues from all over the world”.

“The course gave a very good overview of the requirements of GMP and quality aspects of RP production”.

“I liked the engagement of the lectures and the other participants best, as well as the good lectures from the experts”.

“The course was very useful. The lecture was to the point, and the work was organised in an excellent process”.

“A good coverage of important GMP topics – very useful to local and centralised radiopharmaceuticals”.

ESMIT Level 2 Autumn School 2017

September 1–3, 2017
UMF “Iuliu Hatieganu”
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“I think all the issues of nuclear medicine related to the discussed fields were touched upon! Thank you, ESMIT, for organising the Autumn School”!

“There is nothing to add. I am already waiting for the next track”!

“I just want to say, “thank you” to the organization team and the speakers. There are a few things that could be changed, but overall this ESMIT School was a great experience”.

“Everything was very well organised, from hands-on session to case session on board. I was so happy that very qualified tutors prepared very clear lectures”.

“Keep up with the good work! ESMIT classes are far better than the old ESNM format – multimodality imaging is the way to go”.

“I especially appreciated that the different lecturers coordinated their sessions and completed each other and encouraged an interactive learning experience. I was very satisfied with the quality of this School”.

“The School was very well organised and prepared. The teachers were experts in the field and created a very pleasant atmosphere where it was ok to ask questions. The cases were relevant and reflected the level of the course”.

“I will recommend the School to my colleagues since it was very educational. Different imaging modalities were introduced, and hands-on sessions were a great learning experience”.

ESMIT Level 2 Spring School 2017

March 31 – April 2, 2017
University Medical Center Groningen
Groningen, The Netherlands

“It’s really amazing. Full of knowledge. Really improved my skills. I loved it”.

“Very informative sessions with a lot of clinical cases (very illustrative)”.

“Thanks a lot for everything. The course was very informative and well organised. It was one of the most useful modules I attended. The instructors were excellent fluent, and helpful with a great interactive way of delivering all the information”.

“Very nice event – I met a lot of good doctors from different countries and made new contacts”.

“Fundamental course from A to Z, a real refresher”.

“There are still some opportunities for growth with the Hermes software (zoom, sequence changing in MRI). Anyways, thank you very much”.

“Time management – some lectures were too long, and there was too little time for case reading and hands-on sessions”.

“If you want to have a look in the kitchen of Nuclear Medicine, you should definitely come, especially as a radiology assistant. If you have even no knowledge at all, there is an online course to develop more knowledge about it before you start the course, which is really good. And you should have a look in that kitchen because it is your co-worker in the future”.


The ESMIT School is aimed at residents, recently board-certified specialists, as well as general nuclear medicine specialists, radiologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists, cardiologists and neurologists who want to update their knowledge on state-of-the-art multimodal medical imaging. It is designed to provide the knowledge and training on multimodality procedures daily applicable in the management of patients with cardiovascular, endocrine, musculoskeletal, neurological and oncological diseases. The ESMIT School format includes three days of interactive, multimodality teaching on four different subjects, or tracks each one lasting 1.5 days so that attendees can study two different topics per meeting, each one dealing with a specific organ/system-oriented theme.

ESMIT Level 2 Autumn School 2019

ESMIT Level 2 Spring School 2019

ESMIT Level 2 Winter School 2019


ESMIT Level 2 Autumn School 2018




ESMIT Level 2 Spring School 2018

ESMIT Level 2 Winter School 2018



ESMIT Level 2 Autumn School 2017


Click here to view more photos of the ESMIT Level 2 Spring & Autumn Schools 2017:

ESMIT Spring School 2017

ESMIT Autumn School 2017

ESMIT Level 2 Spring School 2017



Moreover, the ESMIT created a short clip giving some impressions on the Level 2 Spring School 2017 as well as conducted interviews with the ESMIT Leadership Members:

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ESMIT Level 3 Quantification of Myocardial Perfusion 2019


ESMIT Level 3 Brain Tumors 2019


ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Advanced Approach to Treatment Response Assessment in Oncology 2018



ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Radiopharmacy GMP 2018



ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Management of Thyroid Cancer 2018




ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Practical Implementation of Clinical Dosimetry in NM Therapy 2018




ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Brain Tumors 2018



ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Radiopharmacy GMP 2017


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