ESMIT Online Education

The ESMIT online education offer includes live webinars, on-demand content and interactive online courses – all hosted on the ESMIT eLearning platform.

The ESMIT On Demand section offers a variety of different videos from the EANM 2021 congress, as well as recorded ESMIT Live Webinars.

ESMIT On-Demand Content

The online courses are CME accredited and offer a great variety of speakers and topics. They are self-led which means you can enjoy them anytime and move forward at your own pace. Generally, all the materials amount to 5-6 learning hours.

ESMIT Self-paced On-Demand Online Courses

Live webinars have an average length of 60 minutes and offer live, high-quality education, including theoretical presentations, case-based teachings, and a lot of interaction between facilitators and participants. The webinar recordings will also be available on our eLearning platform.

ESMIT Live Webinar series

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