Level 1: eLearning

Corporate Educational Platform

The Corporate Educational Platform (CEP) is a separate area that exists besides the ESMIT eLearning Platform and gives selected companies a platform for their eLearning contents. The access to this platform is granted to the entire EANM Community and its contents can be viewed free of charge.


The ultimate goal of the ESMIT is to offer a broad range of education in the field of Nuclear Medicine, related modalities and subspecialties via all its channels, including online training on the ESMIT eLearning platform and the Corporate Educational Platform (Level 1) as well as offline training at ESMIT Schools (Level 2) and High End Courses (Level 3).

The easiest way of creating such a complete learning experience is to share resources among education providers. Therefore, the ESMIT has not only started collaborations with other associations, such as the ESO and the ESTRO, but also set up this new, dedicated platform for companies like Bayer AG, GE Healthcare and Blue Earth Diagnostics Limited.


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The ESMIT reserves the right to release only contents that have an educational background and that are of benefit to its community.

Authors, titles and contents are decided and defined by the companies.
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