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Online learning has never been easier! In ESMIT’s centralized learning hub, users will find various on-demand content on different topics in the field of nuclear medicine. Click through the platform and find information and recorded videos of the following categories:

ESMIT Live Webinar series

The ESMIT offers webinars on various topics that are accessible on-demand on the eLearning platform after being live. Professional faculty that is being trained in using interactive online settings.

EANM CME Sessions

Selected CME Sessions recorded during the EANM annual congresses 2019-2020 are available on the platform. The CME sessions have a thematic focus and clinical input while maintaining a broad spectrum of education, covering many different topics around the field of nuclear medicine.

ESMIT PET/CT Webinar series

The series of 12 recorded webinars entitled “2016/2017 PET/CT Webinar Series” was created with the help of a faculty of experts in the field and supported by Philips Healthcare. The recorded webinars focus on the latest developments, the right performance and examination of studies in PET/CT and much more.

ESMIT Webinars on Basic Nuclear Medicine

This first ESMIT Webinar Series was created in close collaboration with the IAEA in July 2016. Each webinar focuses on basic Nuclear Medicine such as (Patho)physiology of Bone turnover, Stress Testing Protocols, Radionuclide Therapy, Dosimetry, Neurology, Infection and many more.

ESMIT Webinar series on PET/CT for Technologists

The former Vienna Course on PET/CT for Technologists has been renewed, updated and turned into this webinar series by the EANM Technologist Committee and kind supporters in order to provide the best possible educational programme in the fastest and easiest way to the Tech community and anyone interested!

ESMIT Webinar series on PET and MoRe

The ESMIT offers a series of 7 recorded webinars entitled “PET and MoRe” since May 2013, in cooperation with Philips Healthcare. The recorded webinars will focus on PET/MR and the latest developments in PET/CT.


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