Level 2: School

The ESMIT School is aimed at residents, recently board certified specialists as well as general nuclear medicine specialists, radiologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists, cardiologist and neurologists who want to update their knowledge on state-of-the-art multimodal medical imaging. Academic education is often focussed on one single modality. However, with changing and advancing technologies, the ability to apply “the right test for the right patient” is impossible without training in multiple modalities. Better integration and understanding of the clinical applications of different modalities and how they complement each other will help elucidate the most cost effective and highest diagnostically accurate algorithms for patient care. ESMIT is intended to bridge the gap between daily life expectation and traditional academic training.

New format

The ESMIT School format includes 3 days interactive, multi-modality teaching on 4 different subjects, or tracks each one lasting 1.5 days so that attendees can study 2 different topics per meeting, each one dealing with a specific organ/system-oriented theme. The School is designed to provide the knowledge and training on multimodality procedures daily applicable in the management of patients with cardiovascular, endocrine, musculoskeletal, neurological and oncological disease.

New contents: multimodality imaging today, and where it is going tomorrow.

ESMIT School is the home of multimodality and multidisciplinary.

Health care has changed enormously in the past 20 years and will continue to accelerate as clinicians integrate new technologies into the management of diseases. The clinician operating in isolation is no longer a reality and the incorporation of multiple perspectives in health care offers the benefit of different knowledge and experience. The multidisciplinary team is now widely recognized as an essential tool for constructing a more patient-centred, coordinated, and effective health care delivery system. Among the greatest challenges of healthcare, there is the rapid development and technologic advances of imaging that also requires transformation of the high-specialty expertise in a specific imaging modality neglecting other complementary imaging modalities into a new generation of clinical imager able to combine expertise to overcome the limitations of collecting information from one modality at a time.

ESMIT intends to promote broad-based training in multiple modalities to move into an efficient, patient-centred approach that considers only what is best for the patient. Developing imaging “pathways” for different clinical scenarios, which would clearly identify the most effective and efficient modalities, could be extraordinarily helpful tools in determining the most efficient imaging test. ESMIT schools will also provide tools which will allow the participants to enhance essential skills needed in this new clinical settings, such as communication, interactivity and education skills.

New educational approach

If you are used to traditional in-class style course work and teacher-centred learning methods taking part of an ESMIT School will be a new learning experience. Our expert faculty will include nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists (or double certified nuclear-radiologists) as well as clinicians that will serve as moderators assisting you in an active learning environment during the whole School. Besides providing brief lectures on the background of multimodal imaging pathways for a certain disease, active, cooperative, collaborative and problem-based learning will facilitate trainees understanding and implementation of a personal strategy to solve clinical cases during interactive reading session with quizzing. Several hands-on sessions consisting of small groups based case studies and reports at HERMES Hybrid multipurpose viewing stations are completing the program to challenge you answering daily routine clinical questions. Each hands-on session will be concluded by a multidisciplinary discussion to simulate the real scenario of case discussion with a teamwork approach.


ESMIT School 2020
Autumn School Tracks: Cardiology, Oncology, Paediatric, Textural Features. Krakow, Poland POSTPONED to 2021

We acknowledge HERMES for granting ESMIT special support with the multimodality viewing stations.

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