Level 2: School

ESMIT Open Call for Venues

Today, the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) represents more than 9,000 professionals from 41 countries. In order to provide proper education, the EANM founded the European School of Nuclear Medicine (ESNM) in 1997. Since then, the demands of the community as well as the educational techniques changed drastically. In 2015, the ESNM leadership and the Education Representatives had the vision that continuing education on a multimodality imaging and interdisciplinary basis would become increasingly important in the near future. Consequently, the European School of Multimodality Imaging and Therapy (ESMIT) was established and offers a full programme of Continuing Medical Education (CME), of interest not only to nuclear physicians but also to physicists, radio pharmacists, radiochemists, radiologists, and many more.

The ESMIT has a permanent secretariat in Vienna under the leadership of an Executive Director. The ESMIT Course Manager is responsible for the organisation of the biannual ESMIT courses. The organisation is conducted in-house, with some help from preferred and long-term contracted suppliers for graphics, printing, freight forwarding etc. Local PCOs, DMCs or other agencies are not used.

If you are interested in hosting a Level 2 ESMIT School at your university or if you know a place that would fit to the requirements listed hereunder, please complete the “ESMIT Venue Questionnaire” and return it to esmit@eanm.org. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

ESMIT Venue Questionnaire

In overall terms the UNIVERSITY that can host an ESMIT Biannual School should:

  1. Have a sufficient number of rooms and full technical equipment preferably on one level; availability on suitable dates (we cannot change to other times of the year than listed in the questionnaire)
  2. Have sufficient 3, 4 star hotels and hostels close in max. 15 minutes’ distance by public transport to the venue
  3. Have easy access by rail, road and air (max. one hour by train from airport to facility) and a good (public) transport infrastructure

Guidelines for bidding:

  • The request for proposal is available online to all members of the EANM. These may contact their universities for assistance with submitting the proposals.
  • The ESMIT has set up a professional secretariat in Vienna to organise the courses of the School on their own, therefore, proposals by “Professional Congress Organizers” (PCOs) and “Destination Management Companies” (DMCs) or other agencies will NOT be accepted.
  • In order to base our decision on objective criteria, we have assembled questions that we ask you to answer in the order given and within this document.
  • Every local host is obliged to attend (at least) one ESMIT School Meeting. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the ESMIT.

Procedure and decision making:

  • Please send the completed questionnaire, brochures of the possible universities/hospitals, but no touristic information to the ESMIT Office, esmit@eanm.org
  • The ESMIT Office will evaluate all proposals and make a short list of possible venues.
  • The decision on the venues will be taken by the ESMIT leadership and the destination will be notified accordingly. Negotiations and site-inspections will be conducted thereafter.

Should you have any questions regarding these specifications, please feel free to e-mail.

Thank you in advance for your efforts!

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