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Radiopharmacy Courses

Radiopharmacy Courses

The Radiopharmacy committee has established a European Postgraduate Specialisation Certificate in Radiopharmacy. This certificate is available to anyone who completes a defined programme of education and a two-year period of practical experience in the field. The programme is coordinated by Dr. Jacek Koziorowski, member of the Radiopharmacy Committee and is organized by members of Radiopharmacy Education Board.

The syllabus is taught in three blocks of two weeks and includes

  • Pharmacy (Block 1), Faculty of Pharmacy Ljubljana and University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Ljubljana, Slovenia: August 28 – September 8, 2017
  • Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry (Block 2), ETH-Z, Zurich, Switzerland: February 5 – 16 2017
  • Associated Subjects (Block 3), University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany: August 27 – September 7 2017


Further information:
external link www.radiochem.pharma.ethz.ch
email postgraduate@pharma.ethz.ch

European specialisation certificate in radiopharmacy


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