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Radiopharmacy Courses

Radiopharmacy Courses

The Radiopharmacy committee has established a European Postgraduate Specialisation Certificate in Radiopharmacy. This certificate is available to anyone who completes a defined programme of education and a two-year period of practical experience in the field. The programme is organized by members of Radiopharmacy Education Board.

The syllabus is taught in three blocks of two weeks and includes

  • Pharmacy (Block 1), Faculty of Pharmacy Ljubljana and University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Ljubljana, Slovenia: August 28 – September 8, 2017
  • Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry (Block 2), ETH-Z, Zurich, Switzerland: February 5 – 16 2017
  • Associated Subjects (Block 3), University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany: August 27 – September 7 2017


Further information:
external link www.radiochem.pharma.ethz.ch
email postgraduate@pharma.ethz.ch

European specialisation certificate in radiopharmacy


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