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ESTRO/ESMIT Course on Molecular Imaging and Radiation Oncology 2019

May 6-9, 2019
Florence, Italy

An application has been made to the UEMS EACCME for CME accreditation of this event.


This course will be interactive with talks and hands-on group sessions on MI based GTV delineation, the discussion of MI based CTV concepts, as well as the use of MI methods for staging and response assessment in several tumour types. The MI methods addressed will mainly be nuclear medicine based (e.g. PET) but MRI-based methods will also be touched.


  • List the implications of PET and some MRI based MI methods in radiation oncology
  • Understand technical issues of PET in radiotherapy treatment planning
  • Understand technical issues of functional MRI in radiotherapy treatment planning
  • Have knowledge of the current evidence of PET in staging, treatment planning and response assessment in main solid tumours
  • Discuss GTV delineation procedures based on MI
  • Discuss nodal CTV concepts with the background of diagnostic data
  • Take home some points of necessary research in this field.


The course is aimed at senior residents or young specialists in radiation oncology, nuclear medicine or radiology, who intend to expand their knowledge and skills in the use of molecular imaging methods for radiation oncology.



Vicky Goh, Radiologist, St. Thomas Hospital, London (UK)
Anne Laprie, Radiation Oncologist, Claudius Regaud Institute, Toulouse (FR)
Frank Pameijer, Radiologist, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht (NL)
Maria Picchio, Nuclear Medicine Physician, San Raffaele Scientific Institution, Milano (IT)
Daniela Thorwarth, Phycisist, Tübingen University Hospital, Tübingen (DE)
Uulke van de Heide, Physicist, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam (NL) 


download Curriculum (available soon)

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Tel.: +32 2 775 93 39
Fax: +32 2 779 54 94
E-mail: education@estro.org

Course directors:
Ursula Nestle, Radiation Oncologist,Kliniken Maria Hilf, Monchengladbach (DE)
Wouter Vogel, Nuclear Medicine Physician, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam (NL)

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