Radiopharmacy Certification

Radiopharmacy Certification

The Radiopharmacy committee has established a European Postgraduate Specialisation Certificate in Radiopharmacy. This certificate is available to anyone who completes a defined programme of education and a two-year period of practical experience in the field. The programme is organized by members of Radiopharmacy Education Board.

This certificate is valid for a duration of 5 years. For the (re)certification process each certificate holder is asked to upload documents to the vEANM Area. Each document will be reviewed by the Radiopharmacy Education Board and if accepted, 5 points will be received per document.

Candidates who apply for the first time will receive the certificate as soon as they have all the documents needed and they fulfill all the requirements. Applicants who ask for a recertification of the existing certificate have to wait until the old certificate has expired before a new one will be issued. This counts also when the total of 20 points have been reached before the expiry date. A new certificate will then be issued – valid for another 5 years.

How to use the online certification tool?

  • Please create an vEANM Area account, in case you do not have one yet!
  • To do so, please go to the vEANM Area and klick on “create a new account”
  • In order to receive access to the online tool, please send your request to the ESMIT Office
  • Once the access has been confirmed, you can start the upload!
  • Please go to the button “(re)certification” in the orange box on the left-hand side within your vEANM Area
  • You will receive an automatic e-mail notification to confirm that the upload has been successful
  • Once your documents have been reviewed, you will receive again an automatic e-mail notification
  • Your certificate can now be downloaded!

Further information:
external link

Contact Details:

email Sarita Forsback (Chair of Radiopharmacy Education Board)
email Marianne Patt (Vice Chair of Radiopharmacy Education Board)

email ESMIT Office


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