Honorary Membership

The EANM Honorary Membership is reserved for persons of outstanding distinction practicing in the field of nuclear medicine and who provided great service or reputation to the EANM or the field of nuclear medicine. Persons of outstanding distinction in related disciplines are awarded with the EANM Corresponding Honorary Membership.



Looking back on a considerable history, the EANM has awarded the first honorary memberships at the occasion of the EANM’06 Congress in Athens/Greece. This distinction was awarded to four founding fathers of the EANM in order to honour their outstanding services to the field of nuclear medicine and to the Association.


Honorary Member

Since then, the EANM Honorary Membership was awarded to the following persons (in alphabetical order):

2020: Ora Israel,

2019: Ignasi Carrió

2018: Markus Schwaiger

2017: Emilio Bombardieri

2016: Angelika Bischof Delaloye

2015: Patrick Bourguet, Frans Corstens

2014: Cornelis A. Hoefnagel, Guliano Mariani, Marco Salvatore, Istvan Szilvasi

2013:  Amy Piepsz, Peter Lind

2012: Ferruccio Fazio, Eric Paul Krenning

2011: Vincent Gregoire

2007: Gian Luigi Buraggi 

2006: Serge Askienazy, Keith E. Britton, Peter J. Ell, Georg Riccabona


Corresponding Honorary Member

2020: Elisabeth G.E de Vries 

2017: Yukiya Amano

2014: Umberto Veronesi



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