EU Involvement

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) aims to create and develop ever-strengthening relationships between European institutions and the nuclear medicine community. Together with our member societies, individual members and corporate members, we facilitate collaboration and consensus, aiming at impactful policy and regulatory improvements.

The strategic objectives that underpin all our policy activity are:

    • The affirmation of nuclear medicine as a dedicated medical speciality requires dedicated policy attention.
    • The advancement of education and training for all specialists involved in the delivery of nuclear medicine procedures.
    • The promotion of policy recommendations for improved accessibility to nuclear medicine services to ensure optimal patient care.

Our policy work 

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine has included a European outreach and liaison programme within its new strategy. We monitor and influence the adoption of EU legislation and policies that will impact the access and availability of nuclear medicine services. In close cooperation with our member organisations and member individuals, we follow up on the implementation of EU legislation at the European level.

In this respect, at the EU level, our policy work covers a great number of initiatives, including but not limited to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the SAMIRA Action Plan as well as the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe.

The EANM aims to bring the voices and experiences of nuclear medicine healthcare professionals into the negotiations on new legislation, to consultations and debates. We aim at sharing our expertise and perspectives to better inform policymaking and ensure that the specificities of nuclear medicine are well understood and considered within the European institutions’ activities.

Our involvement and contributions to European funded projects

As a trusted and recognised partner, the European Association of Nuclear Medicine has been involved in several European funded projects. The EANM is well-placed to engage in such European projects thanks to our expertise in the field of nuclear medicine and our wide professional network.

The EANM is involved in the Advisory Board or Steering Group of the MEDIRAD project (implications of Low Dose Radiation Exposure) and in the EURAMED Rocc’N’Roll project on Ionising Radiation protection.

The EANM had the opportunity to contribute to the European Commission’s SMER studies on supply chains of medical radioisotopes (both for diagnostic as well as therapeutic use) in the EU. Engaged in dissemination and consultancy activities, we were able to inform these crucial publications of the needs and challenges of radioisotopes’ supply chains.

The EANM is a full consortium member of the QuADRANT project on the improvement of the quality and safety of nuclear medicine (as well as radiology (ESR) and radiotherapy (ESTRO)) through the implementation of clinical audits as part of the member states’ health systems.

The EANM was also involved in the European Commission tender on the coordinated approach to the development and supply of radionuclides in the EU (run by NucAdvisor) and the PRISMAP project on the European Medical Isotope programme.

Our network and cooperations

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine is engaged in several pan-European associations, such as the European Cancer Organisation and the BioMedical Alliance in Europe. Memberships to such multi-disciplinary networks allow for the development of new synergies.

The EANM is also engaged in trusted and mutual relationships with European Institutions, sharing our scientific expertise with policymakers. We have a long-established relationship with the European Observatory on the Supply of Medical Radioisotopes and therefore contribute to the monitoring of the overall supply of medical isotopes. The EANM is currently building a relationship with the Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER) and the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) of the European Commission to better inform the implementation of the SAMIRA Action Plan. Similarly, we are engaged in a thorough liaison programme within the European Parliament to ensure that the views of the nuclear medicine sectors come through strongly in the numerous policy initiatives pertaining to health.

EU related publications 

Any publications related to EU matters can be found here.

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