EU Involvement

Eligibility for Involvement in EMA Activities

The EANM is proud to be acknowledged as an eligible healthcare organisation which entitles the EANM to get engaged in EMA activities.

Since 2022, the EANM is a proud member of a network of over 30 eligible healthcare organisations that engage with the EMA ensuring that the needs and concerns of a wide range of healthcare professionals across Europe are represented via direct contact with the EMA.

Eligible organisations receive targeted EMA communications and consultations and frequently assist in the identification of experts for product-specific matters.

This network also complements the work of the EMA Healthcare Professionals Working Party that was established in 2013 and sets out to “provide recommendations to the EMA and its human scientific committees on all matters of interest in relation to medicines”, following a set of clear objectives.

A work plan for the years 2019-2022 has been developed outlining the specific areas of work of the EMA HCPWP.

Financial assessment

As part of the evaluation of the EANM’s eligibility for involvement in the activities of EMA, the following financial information is provided for EMA’s assessment (data pertaining to the financial year 2020):

Split of non-industry income
(in % of total income)

  • Royalties scientific journals: 2.82%
  • Membership fees: 13.08%
  • Registration fees: 29.05%
  • Donations: 0.98%
  • EU project funding: 0.47%
  • Other income: 2.48%

Split of industry income
(in % of total income)

  • Congress and educational events:  44.03%
  • Corporate membership: 7.39%

The highest contribution from a single company is 5.50% of the overall income.

The overall proportion of industry vs non-industry income in 2020 was 51.42% vs 48.95%.

It has to be noted that the ongoing pandemic and the need to cancel physical events have had a significant impact on the EANM’s finances in the past two years. Due to the decrease in turnover (e.g. registration fees from individual participants), the percentages of the various types of income changed substantially.

Industry partners 2020

The following companies provided financial contributions to the EANM.

Alliance Medical
Avid Radiopharmaceuticals (Lilly)
Avid Radiopharmaceuticals Inc.
Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Blue Earth Diagnostic Ltd
Boston Scientific International
Bracco Diagnostics
Bruker Biospin
Comecer SpA
Cyclomedica Europe Ltd
DSD Pharma
Eczacibasi-Monrol Nuclear Products Co.
GE Healthcare
GE Medical
Hermes Medical
Isotope Technologies Dresden GmbH
Isotopia Molecular Imaging Ltd.
ITG Isotope
ITM Oncologics
JSC Isotope
Lemer Pax
Medi Radiopharma
MiE Medical Imaging Electronics GmbH
MiM software
Molecubes NV
MR Solutions
NRG Advanced Nuclear Medicine
PBL S.r.l.
Point Biopharma
Radon Saglik
RI-Te Radiation Imaging Technologies
Shine Medical Technologies LLC
Siemens Healthineers
Sirtex Medical Europe
Spectrum Dynamics
Sumitomo Heavy Industries
Telix Pharmaceuticals
TEMA Synergi SpA
The Oncidium Foundation
Triskem international
US Dept of Energy Isotope Program
Van Gahlen
Wallonia Export & Investment

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