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Update: The tool for the Radiopharmacy Recertification is currently under implementation. In the meantime, any requests can be sent directly via email to

The Radiopharmacy Committee of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) has established a European post-graduate specialisation certificate in Radiopharmacy.

This certificate is available to anyone who completes a defined programme of education and has two years of practical experience in the field. The programme is coordinated by the ESMIT Representative of the Radiopharmacy Committee.

The certificate is valid for 5 years.

Postgraduate Certificate Course in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry/Radiopharmacy (CAS)  

The postgraduate certificate course in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry/Radiopharmacy is a complete training programme especially for chemists and pharmacists involved in the small-batch manufacture or quality control of radioactive drugs as well as in the research and development of such products.

The course is coordinated by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich/Switzerland (ETHZ).

The course language is English.


The postgraduate programme consists of three 2-​week-modules taking place in Slovenia, Switzerland and Germany:

  • Module I – Pharmacy and Legislation
    University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Module II – Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry*
    ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Module III – Radiopharmacology and Clinical Radiopharmacy*
    University of Leipzig, Germany

* Modules II and III can alternatively be booked at the Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaire, Saclay/France


Each module costs Euro 2.500.- (Euro 7.500.- for the entire programme).

The module fee covers the lectures and practicals, course documents (paper and electronic version), laboratory materials, transport to external course locations (e.g. plant visits), as well as refreshments, lunch and a “welcome dinner”. For the whole CAS programme, an additional tuition fee is charged by ETH.


For further information, please visit



A certificate may be awarded to participants who – in the view of the EANM Radiopharmacy Board – are suitably qualified in that they have

  1. Acquired a university postgraduate diploma (CAS) through attendance at appropriate courses teaching the theoretical components of the radiopharmacy syllabus (listed in Appendix I)
  2. Completed a two-year period of experience in a radiopharmacy department, during which they have completed the practical components of the syllabus (listed in Appendix II).
  3. Completed a nationally recognised course on radiation safety.


If there is uncertainty if the 2 year on job experience is adequate, the candidate should contact the committee chairwoman. A board member will be assigned, who will find a solution together with the candidate.


download Appendix I – Theoretical Components of the Radiopharmacy Syllabus

download Appendix II – Practical Components of the Radiopharmacy Syllabus



  1. Log in to your myEANM area
  2. To open the (Re)certification tool, click on “(Re)certification” – located in the orange box on the left-hand side
    NOTE: First-time users need to contact the ESMIT Office and request access to the (Re)certification tool. 
  3. Upload the required documents
  4. Request review
  5. Applicants will automatically receive an email informing them about the outcome of the review process.
  6. The certificate will be available for download in the (Re)certification tool.


Persons who meet the requirements and who wish to apply for the certificate are asked to upload the following documents to the (Re)certification tool:

  • A short CV
  • Copy of the Masters or Ph.D. Diploma (Chemistry or Pharmacy)
  • The certificates of successful attendance at the relevant courses: Modules I, II, III and the relevant national radiation safety course.
  • A checklist indicating when and where they have gained the practical experience listed in Appendix II
  • A signed letter from their supervisor(s) in the department(s) in which they have gained this experience confirming this to be the case. Preferably the supervisor should be holding the EANM certificate.



To get access to the (Re)certification tool in your myEANM area, please send your request to

Once the access has been activated, you can start the document upload.


download Appendix II – Practical Components of the Radiopharmacy Syllabus

download Checklist Practical Components of the Radiopharmacy Syllabus


In order to keep the certificate valid, the certificate holder needs to have continuous training and education. The holder needs to collect 20 credits during a five year period starting on January 1 in the year immediately following the initial certification.

Credits can be earned by relevant GMP and Radiopharmacy training and courses, e.g. ESMIT L3 courses (4 credits/day), international meetings and congresses, e.g. ISRS, SNM, EANM, ESRR (2 credits/day) and national meetings and congresses (1point/day). E.g. a two and a half-day national meeting will yield 2.5 credits; the EANM congress will yield 7 credits.

  • The recertification obligation started January 1st 2019; For all persons holding a certificate on December 31, 2018.
  • Credits can be collected for this, already starting from January 1, 2018.
  • The proofs/certificates of attendance will be uploaded to the (Re)certification tool in myEANM area, and the submitter will be given the approved number of credits.
  • No carry-over of extra/supernumerary credits from one period to another is allowed.
  • A new certificate with a new expiration date will be issued once all the credits have been collected.
  • The certificate will not be eliminated if a period is missed but will be put into a dormant state until enough credits have been obtained during the five year period.


For further information please contact:

icon_mail Sarita Forsback (Chair of Radiopharmacy Education Board)

icon_mail Marianne Patt (Vice-Chair of Radiopharmacy Education Board)

icon_mail ESMIT Office

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