EANM Technologists’ Guide

The Technologists’ Guide is an annual publication by the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM), composed under the lead of the Technologists Committee. 

Aims and Scope

The EANM Technologists’ Guide contains timely nuclear medicine-related topics and aims to publish the highest quality clinical, scientific, and educational material. The booklet deems not only to assist Technologists in their clinical routine but also a wide range of professionals working in the field of Nuclear Medicine.

Background information

The EANM Technologists’ Guide is traditionally launched on the occasion of the EANM Annual Congress during the first CTE Session, organised by the EANM Technologists Committee. After the official launch, the Technologists’ Guide is available as a free download.

All chapters of the Technologists’ Guide are based on volunteer work and are subject to peer review. The purpose of the peer review is to ensure only material of the highest quality is published and that the material is conveyed in a suitable fashion, using good-quality illustrations and a good standard of British English. Further, all chapters undergo copy editing before publication.

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