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  • To lead the formal input of Medical Physics advice to the EANM Board, and to coordinate the activities of Medical Physicists within the Committees and Task Groups of the EANM
  • To identify areas of Nuclear Medicine practice in Europe which would benefit from formal input from Medical Physicists, by way of guidelines, standards, education and training or evaluation.
  • To link to EFOMP and other EANM committees in order to coordinate work on Physics and Instrumentation topics.
  • To work with existing Task Groups working on Physics topics, to support, lead and coordinate where appropriate, in conjunction with the EANM Committee and Task Group Coordinator.
  • To recommend the formation of other Task Groups where appropriate to deal with identified needs.

Committee Chairpersons


D. Visvikis (France)

Committee Members


I. Armstrong (UK)

Guideline Representative

Á. Krizsán (Hungary)

ESMIT Representative

S. Nekolla (Germany)

Scientific Programme Representative

J. Dickson (UK)

Communication, Press & PR Representative

A. Strömvall (Sweden)


M. Koole (Belgium)

Guideline Representative

M. Hatt (France)


C. Hindorf (Sweden)

Senior Advisor

Á. Krizsán (Hungary)


P. Knoll (Austria)

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