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  • To lead the formal input of Medical Physics advice to the EANM Executive, and to coordinate the activities of Medical Physicists within the Committees and Task Groups of the EANM
  • To identify areas of Nuclear Medicine practice in Europe which would benefit from formal input from Medical Physicists, by way of guidelines, standards, education and training or evaluation.
  • To link to EFOMP and other EANM committees in order to coordinate work on Physics and Instrumentation topics.
  • To work with existing Task Groups working on Physics topics, to support, lead and coordinate where appropriate, in conjunction with the EANM Committee and Task Group Coordinator.
  • To recommend the formation of other Task Groups where appropriate to deal with identified needs.

Committee Chairpersons


C. Hindorf (Sweden)

Vice Chair & Scientific Programme Representative

S. Vandenberghe (Belgium)

Committee Members


I. Armstrong (UK)

Guideline Representative & Website Representative

Á. Krizsán (Hungary)

ESMIT Representative

S. Nekolla (Germany)

Communication, Press & PR Representative

D. Visvikis (France)

Senior Advisor

B. Sattler (Germany)


G. Poli (Austria)

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