EANM Women’s Empowerment

To improve the participation of women involved in Nuclear Medicine and to encourage them to be an active part of the EANM life, the Women’s Empowerment initiative was founded. 

Leadership & Units

As a linking pin to the EANM Board, it proposes activities and is responsible for the overall planning, coordination, implementation and assessment of all tasks and volunteers working on EANM Women’s Empowerment activities.

Laura Evangelista, Italy (Leader)
Lidia Cunha, Portugal (Co-Leader)
Agata Pietrzak, Poland (Co-Leader)

Continuing Medical Education Unit:
Proposes and implements CME within the scope of the EANM (e.g. ESMIT, congress) through experts, with a specific focus on women’s health topics.

Samia Massalha, Israel (Unit Head)

Internal Revision Unit:
Evaluates the organs, structure and activities of the EANM from a Women’s Empowerment perspective, and identifies gaps and formulates recommendations for improvement within the association.

Elisabeth Eppard, Germany (Unit Head)

Professional Learning & Development Unit:
Proposes and organises professional development activities including individual coaching with EANM experts for women interested in applying to open EANM positions and becoming an officer, and to empower the next generation by giving advice and sharing experience on leadership.

Desiree Deandreis, France (Unit Head)

Social Media Unit:
In charge of showcasing the EANM Women’s Empowerment activities on social media to raise awareness for the initiative and support other relevant EANM activities.

Agata Pietrzak, Poland (Unit Head)


The Volunteers’ Pool: Composition

It is open to all women active in the nuclear medicine field and willing to volunteer for the various activities proposed by the EANM Women´s Empowerment initiative.
Everyone can join the Volunteers´ Pool without any restrictions or requirements to be fulfilled. However, for obvious reasons of transparency and independence, we ask for understanding that applications from employees of commercial companies cannot be accepted.

The Volunteers’ Pool: Responsibilities

The Volunteers’ Pool is considered the pool of experts that cooperates on deploying different activities, providing content, and offering support as requested by the Women’s Empowerment Leadership and/or respective Unit Heads, following the given deadlines.

Get engaged! How to apply: 

Express your interest in joining the Volunteers’ Pool by sending an e-mail to the EANM Executive Office via Isabela Estrada-Kopf at providing the following information:

  • Name:
  • Country:
  • Affiliation:
  • Profession:
  • Field of work:
  • Areas of interest / expertise:

All applications will be forwarded to and processed by the Women’s Empowerment Leadership, who will reply directly to the volunteers and welcome them on board.


Stay tuned for updates on the dedicated LinkedIn channel and in our newsletters.

For any input, feedback or questions, feel free to contact the EANM Executive Office via Isabela Estrada-Kopf at

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