IAEA Publications

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is a highly valued partner with whom the EANM has established a very fruitful relationship, resulting in a series of successful cooperative projects. In pursuing its mission and goals, the IAEA is partnering with the EANM for educational and scientific activities and a wide variety of publications.

This section provides an overview of specific IAEA publications relevant to the entire nuclear medicine community and endorsed by EANM. Publications are available as free PDF downloads.


Guidance for Preclinical Studies with Radiopharmaceuticals (2023)

Medical Management of Radiation Injuries (2020)

Guidance for Medical Physicists Responding to a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (2020)

Pocket Guide for Medical Physicists Supporting Response to a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (2020)

Training Curriculum for Nuclear Medicine Physicians (2019)
jointly developed with the EANM, based on the UEMS/EBNM European Training Requirements for the Specialty of Nuclear Medicine (2017)

Medical Management of Persons Internally Contaminated with Radionuclides in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (2018)




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