SASAI – Shared Audit and Supplier Assessment Initiative

To all manufacturers of PET radiopharmaceuticals – learn here how you can make your inspectors happy and still save time and money

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Background information

Regulatory authorities across Europe are increasingly and consistently requesting that each radiopharmaceutical producer should assess and document the qualification of all suppliers of starting materials, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients and precursors as well as excipients and raw materials on a regular basis. It is expected by the regulatory bodies that the manufacturer of radiopharmaceuticals should perform regular audits at least for the suppliers of critical starting materials.

Therefore, multiple institutions across Europe are being requested to perform audits on the same suppliers, usually independently and in a non-coordinated manner. In addition, radiopharmaceuticals are often manufactured by small institutions or universities that in most cases do not have the staff resources and financial means to perform these audits regularly if at all.

 SASAI in a nutshell

The idea is to perform quality audits of starting material suppliers, conducted by a small team of independent, qualified auditors and to share the audit report afterward with interested parties. In order to cover the costs, a service fee will be raised.

The concept is being developed by a group of experts under the lead of the Drug Development and the Radiopharmacy Committee of the EANM.


What are my institution’s benefits?

  • Save time, money & resources
  • Ensure a constant high quality of your audits – conducted by independent, professional auditors, following a standardized template (with the possibility for customization)

Which kind of companies could potentially be audited?

Download the preliminary list of companies here (updated version).

What would the report look like?

Download the preliminary audit report template here.


Who is developing the concept for this project?

SASAI has been proposed and is developed under the lead of the EANM Drug Development and Radiopharmacy Committee. An international group of experts has been nominated through an open call to help in the planning and facilitation of the project. The project is approved and supported by the EANM Board who strongly believes in the potential of SASAI.


How will I gain access to the results of the audit?

A standardized audit report, produced by independent professional auditors, will be available for interested parties at the EANM Office against a service fee.


What is the cost of the audit report?

The height of the service charge is part of the feasibility study of the EANM. Current calculations suggest a fee of up to EUR 1,500 per standard audit report.

Too high? Reasonable? Leave us your thoughts on the pricing here


Will my institution have the possibility to have an influence on the content of the audit?

The current concept foresees the possibility for producers to take an active influence in the audit during the planning phase (terms and conditions under development).


What are the legal implications of SASAI?

You are responsible on a national level to contact your authorities to investigate the acceptance of such a community-based audit. From the feedback that the SASAI working group was able to gather up to now, authorities highly appreciate the approach.


What is the current status of SASAI?

SASAI has been under development by the EANM since 2018 and is still in the feasibility study phase.
Indicate your interest below to help us investigate the potential it really has.


Whom may I address with further questions?

Feel free to contact Ms. Sonja Niederkofler at the EANM Office via s.niederkofler@eanm.org for any further inquiries.

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