EANM Women´s EmpoWErment

To improve the participation of women involved in Nuclear Medicine and to encourage them to be an active part of the EANM life, the Women´s EmpoWErment initiative was founded. All women within Nuclear Medicine are welcome to actively contribute to this new programme.


The Task Force

The EANM Women´s EmpoWErment initiative set up a Task Force (TF), which is comprised of ten members. Under the lead of Laura Evangelista, the TF is divided into different activities, which are, among other things, organised and overseen by the TF Leader, a Secretary, a Mentoring Representative, an Outreach Representative, a Communications Representative as well as a Volunteers’ Pool Coordinator.

Task Force Members:


The Volunteers Pool

Many enthusiastic women have already joined this pool of volunteers, willing to contribute to the EANM Women´s EmpoWErment initiative by providing expertise and ad-hoc support in different tasks and projects.
Should you wish to get involved, feel free to contact Silvia Marchetti at the EANM Executive Office via


The EANM Women´s EmpoWErment: Next Steps

The TF members are currently working on their programme.
Stay tuned for updates on our website, social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) and in our newsletters.
For any input, feedback or questions, feel free to contact the EANM Executive Office via Silvia Marchetti at

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