Become a reviewer!

Become a reviewer for the EJNMMI journal family!

Do you have a keen eye for quality research and a desire to contribute to scientific excellence? Do you have a specific area of expertise within the field of nuclear medicine?

Consider becoming a volunteer reviewer!


What will you do?

  • Critical evaluation: Dive deep into cutting-edge research papers, assessing their quality, accuracy, and structure.
  • Constructive feedback: Provide valuable feedback to authors, helping them refine their work for maximum scientific contribution.
  • Timely reviews: Ensure reviews are completed promptly, helping to accelerate the publication process.
  • Global impact: Contribute to the growth of nuclear medicine knowledge worldwide.


Why should you become a reviewer?

  • Access to insights: Gain early access to groundbreaking research in the field.
  • Professional development: Hone your critical analysis and writing skills.
  • Contribute to progress: Play a pivotal role in shaping the future of nuclear medicine.


Who can become a reviewer?

Any nuclear medicine professional of any age can become a reviewer.

Young researchers are also encouraged to apply. The main requirement is that the reviewer has significant knowledge on the topics the journal covers.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that peer review takes a lot of time, and that significant feedback is expected from reviewers. Only join the journey if you do have time to dedicate to it!


Ready to make your mark?

Please contact the EANM Executive Office via and precise your area of expertise. The EANM will then put you in touch with the journal editor.

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