Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is the connecting link between the Board and the Committees. The Advisory Council shall act as platform for the exchange of tasks and reports and to define and delegate common tasks. Being the scientific council of the EANM it is deemed to be committed to policy and long-term planning. The Advisory Council is composed of the Board and the Chairpersons of all EANM Committees. Additional observers may be invited by the Board as deemed necessary.


President 2017-2018

Kristoff Muylle

President Elect 2017-2018

Wim Oyen

Committee Coordinator 2017-2018

Roberto Delgado Bolton

Congress Chair 2017-2019

Francesco Giammarile

Education Chair 2017-2019

Jan Pruim

Secretary/Treasurer 2017-2018

Jolanta Kunikowska

EANM Committee Chairs


Bone & Joint Committee

F. Paycha

Cardiovascular Committee

H. Verberne

Dosimetry Committee

M. Konijnenberg

Drug Development Committee

J. Vercouillie

Ethics Committee

W. Knapp

Inflammation & Infection Committee

A. Glaudemans

Neuroimaging Committee

I. Law

Oncology Committee

S. Fanti

Paediatrics Committee

Z. Bar-Sever

Physics Committee

C. Hindorf

Radiation Protection Committee

M. Lassmann

Radionuclide Therapy Committee


Radiopharmacy Committee

M. Patt

Technologist Committee

P. Fragoso Costa

Thyroid Committee

M. Luster

Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy Committee

F. Van Leeuwen

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