Advisory Council

The Advisory Council provides advice and feedback upon the current strategy and structure of the EANM, facilitating the bi-directional flow of information between the Board and the internal groups and other organs or bodies of the EANM. It is composed by the Board and the Chairs of the EANM Committees and Councils.


President 2023-2024

Rudi A.J.O. Dierckx

President Elect 2023-2024

Paola Anna Erba

Internal Groups Officer 2023-2024

Felix Mottaghy

Congress Chair 2023-2025

Valentina Garibotto

Education Chair 2023-2025

Sona Balogova

Secretary/Treasurer 2024-2025

Alexis Vrachimis

Scientific Liaison Officer 2023-2024

Michel Koole

EANM Committee & Council Chairs


Bone & Joint Committee

Richard Graham

Cardiovascular Committee

Fabien Hyafil

Dosimetry Committee

Caroline Stokke

Inflammation & Infection Committee

Olivier Gheysens

Neuroimaging Committee

Donatienne Van Weehaeghe

Oncology & Theranostics Committee

Karolien Goffin

Paediatrics Committee

Pietro Zucchetta

Physics Committee

Dimitris Visvikis

Radiation Protection Committee

Jens Kurth

Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Committee

Harry Hendrikse

Technologist Committee

Agata Pietrzak

Thyroid Committee

Luca Giovanella

Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy Committee

Tessa Buckle

Ethics Council

Wolfram Knapp

Guidelines & Publications Council

Wolfgang Wadsak

Policy & Regulatory Affairs Council

Wim Oyen

Young Professionals Council

Tim van den Wyngaert

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