Inflammation & Infection

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This committee is made up of physicians experienced and involved in nuclear medicine techniques applied to diagnosing infection and inflammation.

The aims of the committee are:

  • To develop guidelines and recommendations for the nuclear medicine imaging involving infection and inflammation.
  • To develop common diagnostic flowcharts for the optimum use of nuclear medicine imaging for common clinical conditions involving infection and inflammation.
  • To bridge with other scientific societies involved in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious conditions to establish the role of nuclear medicine procedures.
  • To provide education and training for nuclear medicine physicians, scientists and technologists to further advance and improve the use of diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures.
  • To plan and organise scientific and educational sessions at international meetings


Committee Chairpersons


A. Glaudemans (Netherlands)

Vice Chair

O. Gheysens (Belgium)

Committee Members

Secretary & Website Representative

A. Dias (Denmark)

Scientific Programme Representative

G. Treglia (Switzerland)

Guideline Representative & Scientific Programme Representative

C. Lauri (Italy)

ESMIT Representative

V. Artiko (Serbia)

Communication, Press & PR Representative

S. Terry (UK)


E. Aarntzen (Netherlands)


E. Noriega Alvarez (Spain)

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