EANM Technologists’ Award

The purpose of the EANM Technologists’ Award is to encourage Nuclear Medicine Technologists to present the abstract of their research project at the EANM Annual Congress.

Who can apply?

  • The applicant work as a Technologist.
  • Must submit the abstract of their research project to the EANM Technologist Abstract Submission.
  • Must introduce the abstract with a presentation at the EANM Annual Congress.

The Award:

Best Oral Presentation Technologists 1,000 Euro
Second Best Oral Presentation Technologists 500 Euro
Third Best Oral Presentation Technologists 250 Euro
Best e-Poster Presentation Technologists 250 Euro


In addition, the nominees receive a Certificate of Achievement as a sign of recognition for their participation.


Application and Procedure:

The application deadline for the Technologists’ Award is May 1, 2023. All the received abstracts will be subject to peer review, and the ones with the most original and innovative background will be favoured.

The nominees of the accepted abstracts will be invited to introduce their work in the form of an oral and poster presentation at the EANM Annual Congress. The jury will carefully analyse the contents and the overall presentation before the final decision is made.

The winners of the award will be announced during the Congress. The awards will be handed over during a dedicated ceremony.

List of EANM Technologists’ Award Winners

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