EANM Technologists’ Guide

Advances in PET-CT Imaging (2021)

October 2021


Every year, the Technologists Committee publishes a Technologists’ Guide to develop and improve the nuclear medicine specialists’ knowledge and personal skills in various aspects of nuclear medicine. This year, together with an interdisciplinary group of specialists, we decided to address the topic of “Advances in PET-CT Imaging”, outlining recent advancements in radioisotope imaging with a special emphasis on PET-CT techniques.

PET-CT study allows us to evaluate the aetiology of various diseases and has therefore become an essential element of diagnostic management. The rapidly evolving technology of medical imaging is permitting the constant improvement of existing solutions while simultaneously eliminating the method’s limitations. Advances in PET-CT Imaging aims to provide a technical and clinical overview of PET-CT principles and applications, highlighting recent innovations and the latest solutions that are improving technical and clinical study outcomes.

This extensive guide encompassing nine chapters provides the reader with a wide range of information: from hardware and software updates, PET-CT artefacts and pitfalls through radiopharmaceutical advancements to the latest solutions in oncology and the definition and applications of radiomics. The contents guide readers through the long list of specific PET-CT characteristics, advantages, utilities and applications, not forgetting the method’s limitations and ways of avoiding their impact on the eventual PET-CT dataset.

We believe that hybrid imaging is not only a set of techniques and properties but also an especially interdisciplinary and qualified medical team, which has a significant influence on diagnostic management. The complexity of the PET-CT study means that the technician’s extensive knowledge and experience are vital to the success of the process. We hope that this latest edition of the Technologists’ Guide will be of benefit in helping our readers update their personal skill sets.

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