EANM Technologists’ Guide

Best Practice in Nuclear Medicine 2 (2007)

August 2007

Improvements in radionuclide imaging technologies and therapy contribute to Europe’s increased demand for nuclear medicine services. This rising demand has further reinforced the critical role of nuclear medicine technologists, and best-practice guidelines have become crucial to offering the best service to the public. It is also important that best-practice guidelines are developed and implemented at the European level to harmonise patient care across European countries.

The Technologist Committee of the EANM has been very active and successful in promoting high standards for the daily work of nuclear medicine technologists in the different countries of Europe and has assisted in the development of high-quality national systems of education and training of nuclear medicine technologists. The Committee has also contributed to several EANM initiatives on education, and the Education Sub-Committee has published a series of “Technologist’s Guides”. The present booklet “Best Practice in Nuclear Medicine – Part 2” covers important items, such as European regulatory issues, best practices in radiation protection, quality assurance of equipment and best practice in procurement. This booklet may serve not only as a reference for improving the quality of practice but also as a resource providing a quick and efficient method to find references for additional readings.

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