EANM Technologists’ Guide

Hybrid Imaging in Conventional Nuclear Medicine (2020)

October 2020

After nearly two decades since its first edition, the Technologist’s Guide is an established tradition and a valuable product of the nuclear medicine technologists’ community. We are all facing unprecedented challenges, both in our profession and in our homes. Seeing this Guide published in these circumstances is a tribute to our great colleagues, friends and our sponsor, who have dedicated time and other resources to ensure the tradition is kept alive.

Every year the Tech Guide, as we all know it, aims to bring together experts from the field and present concise opinions and guidance on a specific topic to support the workforce of technologists working in nuclear medicine. This year the topic is hybrid imaging in conventional nuclear medicine. When choosing the theme for the Tech Guide, the Technologists’ Committee had in mind the impact of non-PET hybrid imaging on nuclear medicine practice. Moreover, SPECT-CT and the Tech Guide are of similar age, so we wanted to focus on collating conventional hybrid imaging practices in one concise and up-to-date guidance document.

The Tech Guide is a partnership between EANM committees, physicians, scientists and technologists, and this year’s edition is no different. We partnered with the Physics Committee to cover the technical aspects of the imaging modality, as well as with the Paediatric Committee for their chapter. We wanted to acknowledge the achievements of fellow technologists like Dr Sebastijan Rep, who is not only an ambassador for the technologist’s role in quality assurance and quality control but also a new PhD graduate. Other chapters were co-authored by technologists and physicians or scientists, such as those on myocardial perfusion imaging and the contribution of hybrid imaging to radionuclide therapy.

As ever, the Tech Guide has practical content, with a focus on hands-on advice for technologists, showing the artefacts and pitfalls when imaging and the role of the technologist in achieving high standards of quality. The Technologists’ Committee also plays an important role in defining our communication strategy with patients in nuclear medicine, and we have tried to include this new topic in this year’s Tech Guide.

For us in the editorial team, publishing this Guide is a way of saying thank you to the nuclear medicine community for all your passion and dedication to patient care. We wanted to showcase the impact of our profession within the nuclear medicine community, as well as the high standard of quality delivered by technologists across Europe.

We trust that you will find the Tech Guide enjoyable reading, and we would like to thank you all for taking part in the success of this project.

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