EANM Technologists’ Guide

Radiopharmacy: An Update (2019)

October 2019

In 2008, the EANM Technologist Committee published a Technologist’s Guide entitled The Radiopharmacy. It is available online through the EANM website and covers topics relevant to daily radiopharmacy practice, such as design, preparation, dispensing and documentation.

Since then, many radiopharmaceutical practices have changed, especially with the introduction of new radiotracers. This year’s Technologist’s Guide includes the basics, starting from the history of radiopharmaceuticals, and proceeds to the high-end radiopharmaceuticals used in translational medicine. Illustrations and tables have been included to facilitate the understanding of certain principles. The most widely used radiopharmaceuticals in SPECT and PET have been dealt with separately because of the breadth of development since the previous publication in 2008. This year’s Technologist’s Guide also covers radiopharmaceuticals used in therapy. Authors from different backgrounds have contributed to the Guide, ensuring that it will be an important addition to the knowledge base required to perform radiopharmacy. It is an unmissable collection of information that will prove an essential aid in the clinical setting and will keep the technologist up to date with the latest radiopharmacy principles and practices.

The EANM Technologist Committee would like to thank all the authors who have kindly offered their time and expertise, which have been fundamental to the creation of this book.

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