EANM Technologists’ Guide

Parathyroid Scintigraphy (2005)

August 2005

The first publication of the EANM Technologist Committee, sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb in 2004, was a book on myocardial perfusion imaging for technologists. We are very grateful that they have sponsored us again this year to produce this book on parathyroid imaging, the second book in what we hope will be a series.

We hope that we have combined the theory and rationale of imaging with the practicalities of patient care and equipment use. I think that certain things I wrote for the last book bear repeating, so I will do so here to benefit those for whom this is their first book. Knowledge of imaging theory provides a deeper understanding of the techniques satisfying for the technologist and can form the basis for wise decision-making. It also allows the technologist to communicate accurate information to patients, their carers and other staff. Patient care is always paramount, and being able to explain why certain foods must be avoided or why it is necessary to lie in awkward positions improves compliance as well as satisfaction. Awareness of the rationales for using certain strategies is needed to know when and how various protocol variations should be applied in acquisition or analysis, e.g. for the patient who cannot lie flat for long enough for subtraction and may need to be imaged with another protocol or when we may need a different filter if the total counts are low. Protocols will vary between departments, even within the broader terms of the EANM Guidelines. This booklet is not meant to supplant these protocols but will hopefully supplement and explain the rationales behind them, thereby leading to more thoughtful working practices. The authors are indebted to several sources for information, not least local protocols, and references have been given where original authors are identifiable. We apologise if we have inadvertently used material for which credit should have been, but was not, given. We hope that this booklet will provide helpful information as and when it is needed so that the integration of theory and practice is enabled and encouraged.

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